Anonymous Second Hand Car Reviews: Audi RS6, Kia Venga, Citroen DS4, BMW 4 Series, Audi A5


Audi RS6

I absolutely love my second hand Audi RS6! It ticks every box, even boxes that I didn’t even know were there to tick! I bought it thinking it was a bit of a compromise, seeing as I have a family I thought I’d be sensible and not splash out on an impractical more performance driven car. However whilst you get plenty of practicality out of the RS6, it is easy to forget you are in a large saloon, mainly because you can do 0-62 in little over 4 seconds. The wife has literally had to click her fingers in front of my face before to snap me out of race mode. All in all it is a thrilling vehicle, it’s comfortable and it can fit a family of 4, and their luggage.

Kia Venga

Don’t get me wrong, you aren’t going to be mistaken for Lewis Hamilton in the Venga, but I must admit I was very impressed by how quick my second hand Kia Venga could accelerate. It is however, for reasons that you would expect that the Venga is a good choice. You get a great view of the road from the Venga and it is comfortable, furthermore you have an unbelievable amount of space, even the glovebox seems huge. The car is nice and refined and one of the things I was most impressed by the smoothness of the ride, pot holes are taken with no trouble at all, there’s one on my road and when I used to drive over it in my second hand Kia Mentor I nearly got thrown out the roof every time I drove over it.

Citroen DS4

I bought the DS4 on a bit of a whim, I was looking at Astras, Golfs and Focus’, and then I saw the DS4 on the forecourt. I thought, why not? I’d never drove one before so asked if I could have a test drive, the dealer was a little taken a back, and seemed to start discouraging me but pointing out that it wasn’t as good as the other cars I’d looked at, but I think the main reason for his off putting was that it was considerably cheaper than the Golf I was close to buying. But I liked the look of this second hand Citroen DS4 and quite liked the fact that they are uncommon. So after a few uncomfortable looks from the sales man, I managed to get a test drive out of him, and much to his dismay I ended up buying it. And I have never looked back.

BMW 4 Series

I was super excited about getting a BMW 4 Series, who wouldn’t? Now I’m not going to lie I didn’t do a whole lot of research, I’d seen a few of them around a liked the way they looked and simply assumed that because it was a BMW there wouldn’t be any issue over whether or not I’d actually like the car, in terms of driving it. But apparently I was wrong. Whilst it was a second hand BMW 4 Series it was billed as nearly new, so I wasn’t expecting any problems at all, yet every other week something seemed to go wrong, and I was in and out the garage like no mans business.  Furthermore I can barely do 30 miles to the gallon.

Audi A5

The Audi A5 has been an absolutely treat to drive, I bought it last year for a very good price, it is the 3 litre 245 bhp S Line model which is convertible. It drives like an absolute dream, calm and refined when you want it to be, yet aggressive and boysterous when you open it up and fancy a little bit more excitement. I think my second hand Audi A5 looks great, at the time I was considering the Mercedes and BMW counterparts but in the end with the Audi for pretty shallow reasons, I preferred how it looked, however I’m glad I did make that decision as I have a friend who has the BMW 4 Series, and whilst he says he doesn’t regret for a second, I swear he’s had nothing but trouble with that car, and it was new! In summary if you want to get yourself a good convertible, nice looking workhorse, get yourself a second hand Audi A5.